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Rebecca was a great resource for me as I made a conscious decision to make some changes in my life.  The platform that she created to achieve these changes for her clients was very remarkable and I learned a lot from her.  Her sessions are informative and she never left me with questions unanswered. ~ Thanks Rebecca!!  


I started out with Rebecca looking for a mentor with my health coaching and networking businesses. I was feeling a bit stagnant with certain areas of my life which were blocking me from the growth that I needed to expand my businesses. 


-- Rachel BocchinoEach week we went through a different areas of life such as spirituality, physical fitness, relationship, mindset etc. In the first session alone she gave me home work that I didn’t realized would actually shift my life. This was my morning ritual. Since then we went through so many other areas and the guidance and tools that Rebecca has given me has changed my Relationship, my mindset and my paycheck. I can’t thank her enough. She is wonderful and really spends time listening and shared her knowledge and experience to support her clients. 



Working with Rebecca was wonderful experience.  I really appreciate her coaching.  She is a great listener and have authentic approach to every situation.  After each session I felt more grounded and confident.  Our sessions with her helped me to move forward in all areas of my life.  I highly recommend to read her book “How to make a six figure income working part-time.” ~ Svetlana


My Testimonial


For over 20 years I've suffered from depression and anxiety, which in time led to morbid obesity and a house and mind full of a mountain of clutter.

From the first week I could feel I had worth. This program covers so many things that can teach you how to balance your life with daily affirmations to help you realize you matter, it has taught me to make a schedule, make lists and find what works for me to get my life back to a daily normal. I know I can reach my goals and my fullest life on my terms.

Brenda K. Herndon



“I started working with Rebecca about 10 months ago because my dating life was a shambles, and had hollowed out my life. Her clear, steady coaching  has enabled me to make choices that have, incrementally and steadily, led to a life of more freedom from the ways I used to make myself suffer.


My income has doubled, my relationship with my kid has improved and my creativity is back on track.  With Rebecca’s compassionate guidance I am now dating available people I’m interested in, and it feels amazing to have such a full and peaceful life.” ~ Stephanie



I love Rebecca! Her workshop was engaging, educational, reflective and fun! What stands out is that she teaches and coaches with clear analogies and examples.  I liked how we were encouraged to discuss and share ideas with others in the workshop.  Her coaching is truly valuable to anyone who wants to maximize their income and live their best life. 


Rebecca knows how to build instant trust with her giving and compassionate spirit.  She is focused, flexible and wise.  She was passionate about getting to the root cause of my inner challenge, and she provided me with the tools to transform my life for the better.  As a coach and a mentor, I experienced her as a great listener with sound advice. Her positivity and optimism help you believe more in yourself and your future success! - Lisa Renee



I had a great time learning from Rebecca. I learned anything is possible when all seven areas of my life are in alignment. Other great takeaways were: a morning ritual is very important, being grateful, affirmations,  meditation and letting go of negative things and people that no longer serve me.  I highly recommend Rebecca as a coach️!!! - Cheryl Lynn  



Working with Rebecca was groundbreaking and opened up an entire new chapter of my life. She is an honest, forthright and extremely insightful coach, with years of experience and knowledge in many different areas including work, relationships, spirituality and dating!

I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to take a leap of faith into a new career, path or area of their life or to anyone looking for balance in just one particular aspect of their life that’s not working.

Rebecca is a pleasure to work with and a blessing to find.